Spotlight on SANY: A trip to Shanghai for AB2K

Published Date: 16/10/2023


AB2K is the largest plant hire provider of SANY machines in Scotland, now with thirty-three in total.  Our SANYs have a reputation for durability, reliability and dependable uptime.

The name "SANY" comes from the English pronunciation of the Chinese name of the company (Chinese: 三一; pinyin: Sānyī), which means "three ones", in reference to the three goals the company mentions as its vision: "To build a first-class enterprise, to foster first-class employees, and to make first-class contributions.”

Last month SANY invited AB2K, along with other Scottish customers and representatives, to visit Shanghai for a first class tour of five of their factories.  In cultural politeness and professionalism, AB2K was wonderfully welcomed and thanked for being such a loyal supporter of the SANY product.

"It was great to finally invite AB2K and some of our other valued customers to China and offer an inside look into our advanced manufacturing processes. This VIP factory tour is a demonstration of our commitment to transparency, customer engagement, and showcasing our dedication to excellence in every product we create," said Brian McGrane, Senior Sales Manager at SANY.

Mark Kirkwood, AB2K’s Plant/Service Manager, was impressed by what he saw on the trip.

‘Firstly, we couldn’t believe how far advanced SANY is with their technology.  Compared to the UK or the US, they are streets ahead.   People are advancing quickly into battery power in China; at least three out of five cars we saw in different areas of the country were electric, and the SANY net-zero credentials continue to grow way beyond their rivals.  The people at SANY were fantastic, knowledgable and friendly.  The way they treated us was amazing and their organisation and professional attitude was second to none.  We were very impressed by how efficiently their production is run.  They walked us through initial concepts to finished products, ready to be sold.  Most of all they wanted to hear from their customers, showing a willingness to learn and grow with ongoing feedback to plough further into their development of machinery inside their vast facilities.  SANY is an incredible organisation, and we’re proud to partner with them in Scotland.’

John Murphy, MD of AB2K was also on the trip.

'AB2K and SANY is a long term partnership of two companies with shared values.  We want the best for our customers, and after this tour, it's easy to see how much SANY is leading the way in the east.'

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