Meet the Fleet: Sweepers

The Plant: Sweepers
AB2K Locations: Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen
Variations: Road brush, Gully sucker
Brands: Johnston, Iveco, DAF

Meet AB2K's Fleet

When you’re looking for a tidy solution, the team at AB2K have things all swept up!

A clean site is a safe site, and the environmental team at AB2K can help ensure that whether you are looking to work on public highways, construction sites, or supress dust within a working environment, we can supply a solution to suit your needs.

AB2K is a registered waste carrier for the Environment Agency, so you can be sure that all sweepers are authorised to collect and carry waste, and it will be disposed of correctly.

All AB2K sweepers undergo a schedule of planned maintenance, ensuring the prevention of equipment breakdowns and failures. Coupled with our extensive network of fitters, based on the road and within our depots, you can be sure that an AB2K sweeper will always leave your site sparkling!

Road brush to hire

For efficient road sweeping and dust suppression, a truck mounted road brush is a perfect option. With a variety of solutions available, AB2K’s fleet offers a number of options to suit any site.

As well as twin brushes handling any debris, the vehicle dampens dust with a jetted water spray, ideal for dusty construction sites. Water recirculation helps reduce water downtime, and saves hundreds of litres of water per day over an eight-hour shift.

Gully sucker to hire

If it not dust but water that is your main concern, the range of AB2K gully suckers could be the answer. Truck mounted water vacuum systems make light work of removing standing water, clearing blocked drains and helping keep your site flowing.

The simple truck mount means the vehicle can be driven to and from your location with no need for additional transport, and large capacity tanks mean that no matter how big your issue, the AB2K environmental team can help.

Our Fleet