Meet the fleet: Rollers

The Plant: Rollers
AB2K Locations: Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen
Variations: Single drum, Towed, Self-propelled & Pad Foot
Brands: JCB, Cat, Bomag
AB2k - Roller fleet

Meet AB2K's Roller Fleet

The AB2K roller fleet offers a variety of options, depending on your site compaction needs. All with full vibrating options, the fleet comprises of towed and self-propelled (‘ride-on’) rollers, all of which can be hired on a self-drive basis.

All rollers can be converted to either smooth foot or padfoot (sheeps foot) depending on the terrain that you are tackling. Smooth foot is ideal for managing the compaction of asphalt and other aggregate base materials, whereas the textured padfoot roller is better placed to manage projects where soil needs compacting at greater depth.

All AB2K rollers undergo a schedule of planned maintenance, ensuring the prevention of equipment breakdowns and failures. Coupled with our extensive network of fitters, based on the road and within our depots, you can be sure that there’ll be no bumps in service with an AB2K roller. 


Towed rollers to hire

Ideally placed for soil stabilisation or to compact earthworks, all AB2K towed roller models vibrate, and should be towed behind a dozer – you can meet our Dozer fleet here. With high ground clearance and engine placement, the kit can work on slopes of up to 40°.

Self-Propelled / Ride on rollers to hire

For an all in one option, AB2K’s self-propelled rollers offer a solution that delivers maximum productivity, with minimal stress.

With a number of different single drum ‘ride on’ rollers available to hire, all with sheepsfoot smooth foot drum options, this option boasts a maximum balance of drum-to-tractor weight, making it an ideal tool for the compaction of large-scale projects, such as car parks, roads and airports.

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